VEJRL Coaching Policy 2021

The committee would like to welcome all new and returning coaches. The committee is very appreciative of the commitment you have made to coach at this club and is thankful for the sacrifice you have made in taking on this role.

Over the last few seasons the committee has made a commitment itself to help develop its coaches and in turn produce better quality players and young men. As a club, we will be ensuring that all players are coached adequately in the fundamentals of Rugby League.

The acquisition of core skills such as;

  • Play the ball
  • Holding the ball (grip, carry, catch & pass)
  • Tackle technique
  • Draw and Pass
  • Evasion skills (step, swerve, body positioning, feet and fend)
  • Communication

are the building blocks that must be addressed before moving on to more advanced drills, and are the secret for success both in the short term, but more importantly as the players progress through the age groups. It is not only important to demonstrate the skill, but it is imperative that the how, why and when we use the skills is taught as well.

Planning Your Season

Planning your season, especially the pre-season sessions is the key to success. Effective communication between the coaches is a must. Coaches must arrive early, have a plan and be prepared. It is the prerogative of every coach to have their own patterns and pet plays. This is also encouraged. However, each age group should have common basic shapes, ruck plays and general calls. This should be set out by the higher-level coach or may be achieved by consensus of all the coaches in that particular age group.

Pre-Season Training

Club policy is for the graded age groups (under 10s to 15s) to conform to a ‘club based’ structure during the pre-season.  Groups should be formed as evenly as possible i.e. based on the skills being taught, position or fitness level of the group.

Splitting groups into perceived or pre-determined 1’s, 2’s etc. is NOT permitted.

Our aim as a club is to build just that, ‘A Club’. We aim to build both player depth and club spirit. The mentality of a 1’s player or 2’s player no longer exists. Higher skilled players should be encouraged to mentor lesser skilled players.

The positives of training as an age group are; stigmas are broken down, social skills and friendships develop, overall skill level increases and players can seamlessly slot in when teams are short.

We also encourage the younger age groups to mix in where possible too. A bit of healthy competition via a games night or relay night is a good way for the various age team to mix on both a skill and social level.

All age groups should aim to have a mixed session every 3-4 weeks during the regular season.

We encourage all coaches to put their own personal stamp on their team, however there is plenty of time for that after teams have been selected.

Team Selections (10-15yr Age Groups)

We strongly urge all coaches to enter the 2018 season with an open mind towards team selections.

Do not pre-determine your team before trials have even started. Children can grow and develop a great deal both physically and mentally during the off season.

During the trial games fringe players should be given the opportunity to play at a higher level. This is beneficial for both the player/s and the club.

All attempts must be made to have an open and transparent selection process.  We encourage the use of independent selectors where applicable and possible.

If or when difficult selection decisions are to be made, the committee will make the final decision, in consultation with the coaches and Coaching Co-ordinator.

Teams Selections (6-9yr Age Groups)

For the ungraded sides we endeavour to keep the previous year’s teams together. New players to the club will be evenly dispersed across the established teams.

However, there may be certain circumstances where this won’t be possible.

E.g If one team from the previous year lost a large number of players, players from the other teams will have to move teams to even up numbers.

Conversely, if we experience an influx of ‘new to rugby league’ players in an age group, a whole new team may be formed. The club would then have to distribute the existing experienced players to ensure all teams are of an equal ability.

Player movement between teams will be at the discretion of the Committee only, NOT Coaches.

Coaching Responsibilities

ALL coaches must sign and abide by the VEJRL Coaches code of conduct.

It is the responsibility of all coaches to obtain the necessary NRL Coaching Accreditation.  The club will notify any coaches who require 2018 accreditation.

All coaches must attend any mandatory in-house Valentine Coaching sessions.

ALL coaches MUST attend any Valentine Coaches meetings.

Coach Mentoring & Resources

We have some of the most experienced coaches in the Hunter here at Valentine, with a great understanding of the game.

Coaches, at all levels, need to be continually developing and learning as the game evolves. From time to time, all coaches may feel like they are lacking some ideas, methods or direction.

Coaching resources are readily available. These may be drill books, or videos from the internet. Hard copies of various drills are available in the Valentine canteen, or can be emailed to you.

We are also lucky enough to have direct access to some very well credentialed coaches… including NRL development officers, NRL coaches, and Coaching staff/co-ordinators from Lakes United.

Please feel free to contact myself (coaching co-ordinator), any other coach or committee member at any stage during the season for assistance.

Valentine is one of the largest junior clubs in country NSW. We need to ensure that as coaches we are above reproach in regards to our interaction with players, parents and officials.
Players look up to their coach. You need to make sure you are setting a good example with your behaviour and ethics.

We the 2018 committee are committed to ensuring the continued development, not only of this great club, but also of every player. We take great pride in the family club we have and endeavour to continue the success and growth of the Valentine Eleebana Junior Rugby League.

Coaching Co-ordinator
VEJRL 2018