Rugby League Rules

Mini Football Rules

MINI LEAGUE: (Under 6’s – Under 9’s)

Mini Footy is based on the principle of learning through involvement – involvement is the theme of Mini Footy.It also gives due regard to a child’s immaturities and allows them to learn more readily by playing in an environment suitable to them, with field size and equipment to suit, so greater involvement is allowed and less pressure is present. The game of Mini Footy has many specially designed rules.

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Mod Football Rules

MOD LEAGUE (Under 10’s – Under 12’s)

Because the young player is still relatively unsuited to the full rigors of the International Laws game – physically, mentally, emotionally or skillfully the game has been modified to suit the 10 – 12 years (with an option for 9 years) group to provide an “interim period” for the introduction of elementary strategies and the responsibilities of positional play, and also an opportunity to develop an ability to participate in team sport while also developing individual personality and physique. Hence – Mod League

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International Football Rules


International Rugby League is the title given to the style of Rugby League kids from Under 13’s to A Grade play. Whilst for these age groups the fundamental rules stay the same including the number of tackles (6), freedom for kicking and so on, some competitions and age groups will have variations in the length of each half, the number of substitutes a side can have, and how often they are interchanged. That customisation is done by each league, and to find out more information about it, it is recommend you enquire through your local Rugby League side

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