Codes of Conduct

Valentine Devils Code of Conduct

Due to incidents in previous years, this Code of Conduct was formulated by the committee to prevent our players and spectators from participating in behaviour that could bring this club into disrepute, either at home games or when visiting other clubs in our competition.

Download the Valentine Devils Code of Conduct

National Codes of Conduct

The National Code of Conduct, officially endorsed by the Australian Rugby League, covers behavioural expectations of players, coaches, parents, officials, spectators and volunteers and was developed after extensive research across all sports by ARL Development.

Download the National Code of Conduct


The Safe Play Code for Junior Rugby League

The SAFEPLAY CODE was developed to emphasise safety and good conduct within the game of Rugby League.
The code is designed to provide the best on-the-field environment possible for the ‘junior’ game of Rugby League by actively controlling undesirable actions.

Download the Safe play Code Here