Code of Conduct – Trial rule changes

In 2011 the League will be trialing the following changes to the code of conduct rules for under 13 – under 17 age groups

This information is provided to help players, officials and parents know about the conduct the league requires from those associated with the game of rugby league.

1.1 – Zero tolerance of fighting on the field. Any player who throws a punch (striking) during a match will be automatically sent from the field. If found guilty at Judiciary, the minimum penalty will be a one match suspension.

1.2 – Any player found guilty of the above offence for the third time in a season will incur an automaticminimum 12 month suspension from the game.

1.3 – A “time out” system is introduced whenever an “all in melee” occurs. The referee will signal a “time out” period and call for the ground manager to bring both coaches’ onto the field. Teams are taken to opposite ends of the field and spoken to by their respective coaches’. Any send offs are executed. The ground manager and referees will decide when play will resume. A repeat “all in melee” will result in the match automatically being abandoned. If a match is abandoned after a time out period, the respective coach’s from the offending teams will face a COC Panel hearing.

1.4 – Penalties for abandoned games will be at the discretion of the local League as there can be manydifferent circumstances to consider when judging such cases. The group would urge that in the majority of cases that games are not replayed, and teams are liable for loss of competition points.

1.5 – Any team that has had more than two abandoned matches in a season is automatically disqualified from that competition.

1.6 – Any player who runs onto the field of play from the team “bench” area during a match will be automatically sent from the field and incur a minimum 6 week suspension if found guilty at Judiciary.

Match Official Abuse

2 – Any player or official found guilty of touching a referee or official in an aggressive or inappropriate manner will be disqualified from the game for a minimum 12 month period.

2.1 – Any player or official who verbally abuses or intimidates a referee or match official will be dismissed from the field and face Judiciary for further judgment.


3 – Any spectator who enters the field of play will automatically be banned from attending any Junior League fixtures for a minimum period of twelve months and will be liable to pay a fine under the Code of Conduct.

3.1 –  If a person breaches a disqualification under rule 3, the team and or club that the person is associated with will be liable for fines and lose of competition points.

Trainers, Coaches and Managers

4 – If a trainer, coach or manager touches an opposition player during a “melee” an automatic minimum six week suspension will apply if that person is found guilty of such an offence.