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Grounds Closed This Week
14 Apr 2014

Grounds are closed for training this week Monday 14th to Friday 18th April

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Hi Parents, Carers, Coaches & Supporters.

It saddens me to have to write this but I feel I have to.

It has come to my attention over the last few days of many incidents of politics & social media bullying of players by adults. In the media of late there is a big focus on bullying. We as a committee fully support stopping bullying of kids, especially by social media, by other kids. Let alone adults doing it!

This great club was founded on friendship and families.

So much so that some of our foundation members are still regularly seen every Saturday watching games at our grounds. I volunteered as President for this year as there was a ‘changing of the guard’ with the committee, losing a lot of dedicated and hard working members, and I wanted to uphold the values that this club was founded on. Most of my valued memories and friendships have come from being a player, parent and committee member of this great club.

I have no children playing in the club now and have no agendas. I just want to promote team sport, fun and encourage lifelong friendships for our kids like I experienced as a player of this club.

We as a committee this year developed the ‘Coaching Summary’, which can be found on the web site, to try and proactively deal with these issues before they begin. Unfortunately this hasn’t happened.

We as a club have an obligation to abide by Newcastle Schoolboys rules on ungraded sides and a duty of care with our graded sides that we don’t place players in a situation that they cannot handle.

Please keep an open mind on your child’s actual ability whilst still encouraging them. It doesn’t matter what grade or team your child is in with these age groups. It is all about learning skills, sportsmanship, building friendships and most of all having fun.

Remember nobody gets an NRL contract from U6’s to U 15’s

Many NRL Stars were in 2nd or 3rd sides in these age groups.

The Following will NOT be tolerated.

Any abuse or even complaining to ladies in the canteen. They don’t even know what you’re complaining about and can do NOTHING about it.
Any texting, phone calls or social media contact with coaches with complaints. They are there to coach only, which is for the benefit of your child.
Any abuse of coaches and support staff for disciplining your child. You might think they’re angels but if they disrupt training it hurts the entire team.

Any issues, feedback or complaints, please go through the right channels and contact me at or seek me out at the grounds. I WILL get back to you. I encourage any civil feedback.

To the majority of our parents, carers and supporters… Thankyou for maintaining the standards that make this club so great and the envy of many others.

Thankyou to all our helpers in the canteen and BBQ. The funds raised from the canteen go to better facilities and more equipment for a better experience for our kids.

Keep cheering for our kids. The more support (either winning or losing) the better experience our kids have.

Always remember sportsmanship, fun and POSITIVE support.

Yours in Footy,

Ian (Fish) Taylor


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